April 17

When subtle turns to dead. At least the colors lifted well!



April 16

This looks a little Chinese to me. Something about that opaque green and the flower that looks a little like a peony.


April 12

Travel day, so this is another flower found in the paint. It’s better to keep painting than to wait until all the conditions are just perfect. That day will never come.

This one has some action lines that worked out well.


April 11

Another image found in the paint – something frothy, like viburnum. Really, it doesn’t matter whether the actual flower is recognizable or not. Anyone would know this is a flower, not a ’57 Chevy.


April 10

A “found in the paint” image. I much prefer working with live reference material. Just for reference, never to copy.


April 9

Jimpson weed. The leaves are worth keeping this one around, I think. Maybe some crunchy line work on the flower? Needs some energy.


April 8

A departure. Cezanne would never have painted like this, I am sure. Nothing to do but decide whether to gesso over it or not.  The color palette has possibilities, though.


April 7

Why are they called saucer magnolias when they really are more like cups?  Magnificent, and their time is so short.